-Products can be shipped anywhere within the Greek territory.

-The products will be sent to the address you have indicated by courier, ELTA or transportation agency accordingly weight and volume, as best suits the customer in terms of cost and delivery time.

-Send or receive from our headquarters daily, except Sundays and holidays.

The minimum-cost shipping cost COD stands at 6 € for small packets with optional insurance

- If you do not agree with the cost of transporting eligible within a reasonable time from the time of reception of the media to ask for the correction or cancellation of the order under the condition that it does not execute the mission.

-H executing a request for available products made within 24-48 hours and should be added to the shipping time.

The Colori adv make every effort to dispatch orders as soon and inform customers or e.mail message for the carrier and No. Shipping (Waybill).

Transport not included in the order value